The Consortium

The Dragon Horde

Led by: The Dragon Queens & Their Enforcers

Mid World Entities

Named Characters: Raspoine, Rummir, Yashanee

The Angelic Host

Led By: Archangels

Mid World Entities

Named Characters: Samael, Michael, Ariel

The Houses of Fate

Other World Entities

Sages & Oracles strive to ascend to Fatehood

Named Characters: Skuld, Sunan

The Pantheons

Other World Entities

Demigods strive to ascend to godhood

Named Characters: Phobos, Hel, J├Ârmungand, Ereshkigal, Nergal, Deimos, and many more.

Bix's Core Team

Ashtad Ba'al


Bix's mentor and former boss

Drew (Anudrengr)

Draugr, Creation of the goddess Hel

Bix's best friend and a fellow spy


Cian Asariri

Human Sage

Teenager, Hacker, Mathematical Genius

Tobek (Chief)

Berserker Commander



Majordomo of the Berserkers, Eater of All The Things


Greek God of Fear

Bix's Caretaker