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KAK: It’s Not a Hairball

The thing about having a common first name is that one develops a bad case of “You talkin’ to me?” Cures include selective hearing or changing one’s name. KAK mastered the former … to the great consternation of anyone who knows her. Sadly, that meant she had to employ the latter to cure the cure.

“KAK” admittedly sounds like something her dog left behind; however, it is unusual enough in the States to be an easy topic of conversation. Take her out of the country, on the other hand, and it’s the beginning of an Abbott and Costello routine.


KAK splits her time between Cincinnati and the DC ’burbs with her faithful hairy beast. When not writing, she indulges in a webcomic obsession, conducts a love/hate affair with paint, and makes epic messes whilst in the throes of reorganizing All The Things.